How Great is Our God!

This morning I will leave the Jesuit Retreat House in Oshkosh, where I have been one of the directors for a directed retreat. I will leave here with enormous gratitude and awe.

It was my privilege to direct five retreatants over the course of the retreat, which began on Thursday evening. Some have made directed retreats for many years and one was on his/her first ever directed retreat.

What I have seen over my years of directing retreats is that whether the retreat is 3 days, 5 days or 8, whether the retreatant is experienced or novice, whether they come with particular agendas or issues or not, God touches them in deep and often surprising ways. Sometime that means taking people to painful places they would have preferred to keep buried, but always to bring them to a place of healing and growth. Sometimes it means inviting people into a different way of relating to God, perhaps creating a relationship with Jesus that never existed before. Often it means helping people to a more affective relationship, aiding in a journey from head to heart.

I used the term “privilege” because that is how I feel: Privileged to walk with these individuals. Privileged to be given the opportunity to do what I can to help facilitate their encounter with God (or, at least, not get in the way of it). Privileged to watch the growth in their relationship with God over the course of the retreat.

As I leave there this morning, I give thanks to God. Thanks for all God has done in the lives of my retreatants. Thanks for waht God has taught me over these days. Thanks that I have the ability to engage in this ministry. And thanks that places like the Jesuit Retreat House exist to help people “come away and rest awhile.”