Not As the World Gives

Following up on my post of yesterday, in today’s Gospel from John, Jesus says to his disciples, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give it to you.”

“Peace,” says Jesus, so often to his disciples. Peace is always Jesus’ gift. And at each Mass we we repeat “peace be with you, offering each other the peace of Christ.

But we need to also remember that the peace Jesus offers and promises is not the same as the peace the world gives.

Jesus’ peace is not a peace that comes from everything being all hunky dory in our lives; we may, in fact, face real suffering. Jesus’ promise is not an absence of strife but a peace that comes from recognizing the presence of Christ in the midst of that strife.

And that is what we pray for and wish to each other (to everyone) – not that all will go well in a worldly sense, but that they be filled with Christ, with the peace that allows their hearts to not be troubled or afraid no matter what the world gives.

One thought on “Not As the World Gives

  1. The nuances of ‘declarative’. . .

    As often as we are offered opportunities to declare being a part of the ‘Body of Christ’ and profess, “love each other as I have loved you,” are not declarative expressions often a incubator of “strife?”

    In a reality where “hunky dory” is fleeting at best, Jesus’ gift of peace should be embraced as a comfort, not a desired cure, as few hearts will ever “not be troubled or afraid no matter what the world gives.”

    Is it often through the anxieties of ‘being’ troubled or afraid that allows us to more fully embrace the humanity of the peace He offers – momentary respites from the fray that steel our resolve and inspire our declarations for Him during our new tomorrows. . .

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