2014 Lent Retreat in Daily Living: Week 3

Yesterday was the third weekly gathering of the Lent Retreat in Daily Living I am offering this year at the University of St. Thomas School of Law. Our retreat this year is a truncated version of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.

During this past week, participants prayed with Ignatius’ Principle and Foundation, something that Ignatius viewed as the key to the spiritual life. At the beginning of today’s session (as we always do in these retreat in daily living) participants shared in small groups about their prayer experience during the week.

After the sharing we spent a good amount of time discussing some implications of the Principle and Foundation in light of soem of the retreatant’s experience during the past week.

During our remaining (relatively short) time together, I talked about sin, the subject of Week 1 of the Spiritual Exercises.
I talked about what we mean by sin, why it is important for us to reflect on our sinfulness and our need to focus less on individual sins than on our patterns of sinfulness.

You can listen to the talk I gave at our gathering here or stream it from the icon below. The podcast runs for 19:06. You can the prayer material for this week here. Because next week is our spring break week, you will see that the handout has two weeks of prayer; our next gathering will be April 1.


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