Thaw Comes

Cleaning through one of my file drawers, I came across a pamphlet of Lenten reflections I picked up somewhere along the way. One of the items in it was a poem titled Thaw, by Martha Courtot. It seemed a perfect poem to share during these “thawing” days of (almost) spring.

no matter how long the Winter is
thaw comes
season by season
we learn this
too slowly

no matter how long we have spent
wrapped in a frozen season
no matter how deep under the snow
the private grief lies
one day
thaw comes

we are never prepared for it

and what was once safe for our feet
water released from ice and mud and madness
and we open our eyes to earth-shift

everything thawing
thawing like a madness
the earth opening
water running

all of our secrets exposed.

I was about to add some thoughts about the poem, because I read it at several different times before deciding to post it, reacting a little differently to it each time I read it. But I think I will just leave it as it, to let the poem speak its truth to you, rather than share what it said to me.