What if You Could Have Whatever You Asked For

If you could ask for anything and be assured of getting it, what would it be? You must have some thought. Who hasn’t wondered at least once in their lifetime “If a genie told me I could have three wishes, what would they be?”

Turns out if you google that question you will find that people have given all sorts of answers to it. While some wish for world peace or an end to hunger, many wish for things like

“to be the best business woman”

“to always have a full cup of whichever drink at want at that moment”

“to never age beyond what I am now”

“I wish some truly nice guys existed.”

And we know what Salome answered Herod when he promised he would give her whatever she asked for – the head of John the Baptist.

In today’s first reading from the Book of Kings, God offers Salomon, “Ask something of me and I will give it to you.” Salomon knows he can be assured that God will give him whatever he asks for.

And what does he ask for: “an understanding heart to judge your people and to distinguish right from wrong” so that he may more wisely govern God’s people. And God gives Salomon exactly that – and a whole lot more.

What is your answer? If you could have whatever you wished for, what would it be? How we answer that question says a whole lot about us and where we are in our growth in God.