Cold, Cold, Cold – And Sunny

This morning is the second in a row with temperatures in the range of 10 below zero, with wind chill of around 35 below. The kind of cold that makes being outside for any length of time very problematic (and potentially dangerous). The kind of weather that makes me understand animal hibernation – curling up in my blanket and not getting up doesn’t seem such a bad thing.

The grace is that we do have sunshine. And while it doesn’t make it any warmer, it does help.

My spirits over the temperature were lifted considerably yesterday when I got a note from my friend and colleague Jennifer, who co-facilitates our vocation retreat weekends. Here is what she wrote to all who attended our last retreat: “I am grateful today for the brilliant sunshine, that seems to make the intense cold a positive thing – not so much the absence of warmth, but a glowing, bracing, glittering experience all its own. Praise God for the incredibly diverse beauty of creation!”

Dress warmly, friends. It’s cold out there. But the forecast also promises “mostly sunny.”


2 thoughts on “Cold, Cold, Cold – And Sunny

  1. And hibernate is exactly what Jeb the Dog did yesterday — didn’t eat or drink for 23 hours, just rolled up into a ball on his bed. Truthfully, I’m hoping for a repeat today. I certainly don’t want to go out. Time for cocoa and a good book. Also, Minnesota Public Radio takes on a whole new value on days like this as well. Stay warm (-hearted, at least)!

  2. I awoke feeling frustrated in Minneapolis when the radio announcer said, “-14 Below here, again.” Then I read Susan,s comments and reminded myself to recite my gratitude list. I can readily rattle off 10 things that I’m truly grateful for– thank you, Lord! When I reflect on my GL., my mind and heart “shift” into a better place… Acceptance and gratitude for me, today!

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