Time Out of the Busyness

This morning we will have the final session of our semi-annual vocation retreat weekend for UST law students and alumni. We have spent the time since we have been here at the Benedictine Center at St. Paul Monastery reflecting and sharing about our gifts, our values, how we hear God’s call, and things that inhibit us from hearing or responding to God’s call. We also offer time for sharing, centering prayer, walking meditation, and one-on-one talks with me about whatever is on the mind of the student/alum. It is always a rich experience.

I am grateful that we are able to offer an opportunity for members of our community to “come away and rest awhile.” It is not easy. Besides for school or work, some are parents, and all (including the three of use who co-facilitate the weekend) have a lot of demands on their time. But they know that taking this time to be with God, to refocus on where and how God is calling is essential to both their growth in and with God, and to their ability to face all they have to face as the semester goes on.

It is never easy for most of us to take a weekend away. There is never really a “good” time to do retreat. But, as important (essential) as I think daily prayer is, I also believe that taking some time to “come away” – whether for a weekend, a week, or even longer – is important for all of us.

Which reminds me – time to schedule my annual summer 8-day retreat.


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