Take Me As I Am

Sometimes I feel more fragile than others. More broken. Less able to handle the things I need to do – at all, let alone well.

It is good to remember in those moments that God will meet me wherever I am. God will love me however I am. And God will work with whatever I have to offer, God will summon out all that I can be.

In today’s Gospel from Mark, Jesus sees Levi the tax collector and calls to him, “Follow me.” And Levi gets up and follows. Jesus didn’t wait for Levi to get his act together before inviting him to join him. He took him just as he was. And he was able to call forth from Levi much more than Levi would have been on his own.


One thought on “Take Me As I Am

  1. Beautiful. Feeling broken, as I do during these dark, winter days – an honest prayer. Compared to the Suscipe…take, Lord, receive – when I feel there’s not much there – take, Lord, receive me as I am.

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