Reflecting on our Baptism

Today is the celebration of the Baptism of the Lord and our Gospel reading was St. Matthew’s account of that event. At the Mass I attended at my parish this morning, two infants were baptized.

The celebration of those two Baptisms this morning is invites us to relate Jesus’ baptism to our own receipt of the sacrament.

During his homily this morning, Fr. Dale referenced Martin Luther’s suggestion that we remind ourselves every day of the fact that we have been baptized. Luther said, “A truly Christian life is nothing else than a daily baptism once begun and ever to be continued.” In Fr. Dale’s words, “When I remember my baptism, I remember who I am and whose I am.” Through baptism, God declares that we are beloved children of God’s.

At the women’s retreat day I offered yesterday at my parish, I invited the participants to reflect on this reality. Here is the handout I gave them for their prayer, using the Gospel reading we heard at Mass today. If you haven’t yet spent time today praying with Jesus’ baptism (or even if you have), perhaps you might take some time with it.


One thought on “Reflecting on our Baptism

  1. Thanks for sharing. This is the second time this week these verses have come to my attention. The first was when I was reviewing material from Henri Nouwen about joining Jesus in accepting the role as the “Beloved of God”. He says, “The ultimate spiritual temptation is to doubt this fundamental truth about ourselves and trust in alternative identities.”

    Nice post.

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