Fourth Sunday of Advent

Yikes! Is it the Fourth Sunday of Advent already? How did that happen?

What happened to those great plans for daily Mass during Advent? For more sustained prayer? All the preparation that was supposed to happen?

Some of you may be feeling pretty good right now, feeling that Advent has been all you wanted it to be. And that is wonderful.

On the other hand, some of you may be scratching your head and wondering where the time went. And shaking your head, feeling sheepish that you didn’t “do” Advent quite the way you wanted to.

And some of you may have a foot in both camps – feeling like you did a pretty good job, but could have done a bit better.

But here is the great thing about God. When you finally come knocking at the door, God doesn’t say, “Where the hell have you been?” Or “What do you mean showing up here now after being absent for so long.” Or “Too little too late.” Or “Don’t come knocking at my door now.” Or any of the other fearful things your imagination might conjure.

God just opens his arms wide and says, “Come on it. It’s so great to see you. I’m so happy you are here.” And gives you a big hug.

So don’t hang back. Make the most of these final days of Advent!