Prayer for The Pilgrims

I remembered this morning that I had placed some prayer cards and other papers in the back sleeve of my prayer journal during my Camino. One of the things I pulled out was the Prayer of the Pilgrims that was prayed at the church in Los Arcos.

As I read the prayer this morning, it struck me as a wonderful prayer for all of us as we continue the pilgrimage that is our life. Here it is, with its single reference to the Camino deleted:

Lord, you who recalled your servant Abraham out of the town Ur in Chaldea and who watched over him during all his wanderings; you who guided the jewish people through the desert; we also ask you to watch [over us].

Be for us,
a companion on our journey
the guide on our intersections
the strengthening during fatigue
the fortress in danger
the resource on our itinerary
the shadow in our heat
the light in our darkness
the consolation during dejection
and the power of our intention

so that we under your guidance, safely and unhurt, may reach the end of our journey and strengthened with gratitude and power, secure and filled with happiness, may join our home. For Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

I pray this prayer this morning for all of us.


2 thoughts on “Prayer for The Pilgrims

  1. Love this prayer and will keep it in my growing collection! I also love this 5th c prayer for pilgrims:

    St. Gildas

    In health may I and all of my companions
    Safely arrive with no harm or injury –
    May my boat be safe in the waves of the ocean,
    My horses safe on the highways of the earth,
    Our money safe as we carry it with us
    To pay due heed to our poor necessities.
    May our enemies fail to do harm to us,
    However evil the counsels which inspire them,
    In the eternal name of Christ our Master,
    May my roads all lie plain before me,
    Whether I climb the rugged heights of mountains,
    Or descend the hollow depths of valleys,
    Or trudge the lengthy roads on open country,
    Or struggle through the thickets of dense forest:
    May I walk always in straight ways and shining
    To longed-for places . . .”

  2. Thanks for the pilgrim prayers — we are all pilgrims of one sort or another on this journey. The Camino brings that into sharper focus, doesn’t it?

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