Pilgrimage: Lessons from the Camino

Today I gave a talk at the law school about my Camino experience. I scheduled the talk before I left, confident I would have some Lessons from the Camino to share.

As I told the audience at the outset, the graces and learnings from an experience unfold over time and I’ll doubtless have further thoughts and insights as time goes on, but it was fun to share a little of the experience today. I spoke for about twenty-three minutes or so, after then took questions for another twenty-five minutes or so.

You can access a recording of my talk here or stream them from the icon. (I only recorded the talk, not the question and answer afterward…which I’m kind of sorry about, since the questions were great.)

I opened our time together today by sharing a brief slideshow with a very small sampling of the 600 or so photos I took along the way:


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