Re-Entry (And A Video Posted While I Was Gone)

Although I arrived back in Minneapolis Wednesday night, it is still hard to believe I am really back after my wonderful adventure of the last six weeks. It will take me some time to fully process the learnings of my Camino, and I will doubtless have more to share about it in the coming weeks.

Usually when I return from vacations, retreats, or other extended trips, I start moving at full throttle as soon as the plane hits the ground, determining the most efficient way to multi-task my way through laundry, mail and other tasks associated with trip return. The temptation to do so upon this return was there: By the time my plane landed I had a number of e-mails relating to various tasks I need to get done fairly promptly (from dealing with open enrollment for my health plan to returning page proofs for a book chapter). However, I have been determined to keep my Camino peace as I make my way mindfully through the various tasks I need to engage, and have been pleased with my success in doing so.

I will return shortly to more regular blogging, including posting podcasts of some upcoming talks. In the meantime, here is a video posted by Spiritual Directors International while I was gone. It is part of their “SDI Learns From…” series. It is a conversation between me and another spiritual director, recorded during the SDI annual conference this past May.