And On The Seventh Day, We Rest

It had been my plan to walk one more day – from Finisterre to Muxia. Muxia is reported to be lovely, and the walk between the two places is supposed to be a great one. That was the plan for today.

But when I stood at the ocean yesterday, I had a sense that I was finished walking, something I did not feel when I stood in the square in front of the Cathedral in Santiago.

The albergue at which I am staying is a gem. Friendly, welcoming hospitaleras, a communal vegetarian meal in the evening, a meditation room, a nearby church with a noon Sunday Mass, and close access to a beach.

I made the decision last night to stay here one more night. So I will spend this day resting, processing some of the experiences of these past five weeks, sitting on a meditation cushion and in church, and walking on the beach.

Sounds like a good Sabbath day to me.