When We Make A Mistake

Coming out of the first town I passed after the one I stayed in last night, I took a wrong turn. It was a costly mistake; by the time I realized it (the path dead-ending into a field was my clue), I had added at least 2 kilometers to an already long walk. (A long walk in the wind and pouring rain, I should add.)

One possibility would have been to berate myself for the rest of the day for making such a mistake. The other was to shrug it off, not letting the mistake and its consequences spoil the rest of the day. Happily, I was able to do the latter.

We will make mistakes. That is a fact. Sometimes we do it because we don’t see the signs for the correct path (as I missed the yellow arrow which would have put me on the correct path this morning). Other times we see the signs for the correct path, but ignore them.

Either way, it does us no good to waste energy beating ourselves up for the wrong turns we make. Rather, seeing the error of our way, we need to simply acknoqledge ouristake, put ourselves back on the right path and be on our way.


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