Bread, Broken and Shared

The other night in Hermanillos, I suggested to Beth that I pick up some things to make pasta for supper rather than going out. When we got back to the albergue, we discovered Damien, whom we had seen on and off over the laser several days, sitting with a sore leg, so I suggested he join us for our simple meal. Annette, a Danish woman, had planned to make an omelette for her own dinner, but suggested she join us for pasta and then hard boil the eggs for all of our breakfast or snack yesterday. We all enjoyed a delicious and fun meal together ( and went off the next morning with an egg in our packs).

Having enjoyed the experience, when I arrived in Mancilla and saw that it was market day, I decided to get some things to make a big salad for dinner. Shortly thereafter, we met a mother/ daughter pair from California we had seen the previously day. They suggested they make pasta to go with our salad and Beth went off to get some wine. Mark from Ontario added some meet and cheese for an appetizer.

The albergue in which we were staying had a lovely outdoor terrace and we sat at a table there with our meal. A large group sat nearby; they had made a potato/chorizo stew for their meal. Soon there was a big plate if their stew on our table and some of our pasta and salad on theirs. Chocolate from another table made its way onto ours and someone made pancakes for dessert and gave it to anyone and everyone. And wine freely flowed all evening.

At one point, Mark pulled out the largest round loaf of bread I have ever seen. He looked at his small knife, shook his head and began breaking off pieces with his hands and handing them around.

“He took bread, broke it..”

As the evening went on, I leaned back in my chair, looked around, and smiled at this beautiful experience of the Body of Christ.


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