Another Lesson from the Camino

Lesson number two: It’s not supposed to be easy.

We typically work under the assumption that everything is supposed to be easy for us. We should always be healthy. Our computers should always work. Our flights should always be on time. The water in the shower should always be hot. Etc.

At some point we have to confront the reality that it doesn’t always happen the way we think it should and that perhaps that is the point.

Leave aside late flight, lost shorts and the fact that I can’t seem to score a bottom bunk in the pilgrim hostels. I am thinking more of another stretch of uphill climbing after you were sure it was all downhill from here. Or a rocky path at the end of the day, when your feet are to tired to lift making every step painful. Or torrential rain.

Those are the sorts of things that remind me that our greatest growth often is the product of the hardships we face. Big and small. We learn from them all.

Signing off after a 17 mile day.