Lesson number one from the Camino

Be attached to nothing. It took me all of one day to lose a pair of shorts. They were a pair I like and had planned to wear in the evenings. Gone. Let them go.

Be attached to nothing, including plans. It had always been my intention to begin walking today – feast of St. Vincent de Paul. But we arrived in St. Jean Pied de Port on an earlier train than I expected yesterday and decided to begin walking and go as far as Orisson yesterday and then the rest of the way to Roncesvalles today. It turned out to be a good idea, as both days were difficult; today there were heavy winds most of the way… and the wind always seemed to be hitting me head on.

So no attachment to prior plans. Taking each day – and each step as it comes. And no attachment to possessions, although I do hope to hang onto enough clothes to wear!


6 thoughts on “Lesson number one from the Camino

  1. Orisson is a lovely place to stop and break the day. You bring back many beautiful memories, especially when reaching the top of the path with horses running freely and huge birds flying overhead…
    Blessings on the Camino, Susan.

    PS: Be careful when you go to the showers and don’t leave any valuables around.

  2. No attachments, yes, but please don’t lose your computer/ iPad/phone, or however you communicate with us!
    It is a blessing for us to share in the journey via your posts. You are in my prayers.

  3. I am getting ready to leave for the Camino on October 20th. Your message is very clear-I need to let go even before my trip starts. Blessing to you and all the pilgrims -Noel

  4. Susan, this came up in my FB memories at a time when I revisit my own camino, one year ago. You and your journey were such great encouragement and inspiration for me. I actually thought of your post as I prayed earlier, “take nothing for the journey.” 🙂 What did I “lose” along the way? Let’s see, my beloved (stupid really) lime green Osprey rain cover for my pack. (Bought an orange one at a Decathalon) and a harder loss, but still worked out, some compression socks that were not cheap. We all get the Camino we need, and yes – hopefully one with enough clothes, but more importantly the knowledge that God and the Camino provide.

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