Julian’s Revelations

Yesterday was the third session of the Fall Reflection Series on Praying the Mystics we are offering at UST Law School this fall.

As always, we began the session by giving participants time to share in small groups their experience of prayer during this past week with Thomas Merton. Following the sharing and question and answer period, I offered a reflection on this week’s mystic – Julian of Norwich.

Following a medical crisis, Julian had a series of “showings” (her term) – dramatic revelations of God’s love. These visions led her to decide to live the life of an anchoress – a person who lived a life of prayer and contemplation. My talk focused on Julian’s emphasis on God’s love and her understanding that God is all we need, which she talks about in the one book she wrote, Revelations of Love (sometimes called A Book of Showings.

You can access a recording of the talk I gave here or stream it from the icon below. (I accidentally hit stop before talking about the prayer material for the week, so the podcast is missing the brief remarks I made about those.) The podcast runs for 22:07. You can find the handout I distributed (which I refer to near the end of the podcast) here.

Note: Although our reflection series has two remaining sessions, I will not be present at those, since I leave Tuesday for my Camino walk. Jennifer Wright will be facilitating and offering the reflections at those last two sessions (Marjorie Kempe and The Author of the Cloud of the Unknowing). You will be able to access the podcasts of those two talks here.


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