Do This in Memory of Me

At Mass yesterday, the Communion Song was We Remember We Believe. The most powerful verse for me was the final one:

As we take and eat, so we learn to give. Like the bread, we must break; like wine, be poured so that all may live.

Two short sentences, but an important reminder that our receipt of the Eucharist is not a passive act. We don’t go to Mass each week and receive the Eucharist so we can sit back and be content that we are filled with Jesus.

We eat and drink the Body and Blood of Christ, not so we can simply sit in bliss with Jesus, but to strengthen us to go out and be as Jesus in the world. And that is not simple task. It requires that we give of ourselves – that we be wiling to be broken, willing to be poured out for the life of the world.

Jesus is not interested in spectators. He is not interested in those content to simply give lip service to believe in him. Rather, he asks – no demands – that we be willing to give as he gave. To be broken as he was broken. To be poured out as he was.