Praying With St. Dominic

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the memorial of St. Dominic, founder of the Order of Preachers. Dominic was part of the battle against the Albigensian heresy, countering it through his preaching and example. His ideal was “to speak only of God or with God.”

Pope Benedict XVI had this to say of Dominic’s prayer:

After reciting the liturgy of the hours and after celebrating Mass, Saint Dominic prolonged his conversation with God without setting any time limit. Sitting quietly, he would pause in recollection in an inner attitude of listening, while reading a book or gazing at the crucifix. He experienced these moments of closeness to God so intensely that his reactions of joy or of tears were outwardly visible. In this way, thought meditation, he absorbed the reality of the faith.

How often do we sit in conversation with God without setting any time limit?

Do we approach our prayer with “an inner attitude of listening”?

We might all benefit from the example of Dominic.