What Do We See In Others?

I just started reading Brian McLaren’s Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World.

In the introduction to the book, Brian raises the hypothetical question of how Jesus would react if approached by Moses, the Buddha or Mohammed. In answering it, he talks about the image of Jesus we get from the Gospels writing:

According to the four Gospels, Jesus had extraordinary insight into human character. He saw value where others saw only flaws. He saw the love of a sinful woman who anointed his feet with tears at a banquet, the spiritual thirst of an oft-married woman at a well in Samaria, the big seed of hope in a little chap named Zaccheus, the undeniable faith of a Syrophoenician mother, the flinty strength of loudmouth Peter, and the deep and spunky wisdom of Mary of Bethany.

How do we see others? With the same openness, generosity and compassion as Jesus?

Or do we only see what appears on the surface, judging others by the flimisiest of evidence?

Jesus’ example invites us to look deeply at others. To see what may be hidden at first glance.

And not only to see, but to nurture and respond to the seeds of love, spiritual thirst, hope, and strength we can find in others if we really look at them.