Our Security is in God Alone

I’ve been reminded in ways small and large in recent days that we are not in total control. Things can happen that totally disrupt our lives and plans, that turn everything upside down. We don’t always recognize that, and spend much of our time living under the illusion that we are in control, that our security is in our own hands.

For me, the things that shatter that illusion are reminders that our security is in God, not in any of the things of this world. I know that if I can remember that God is all I need, I can live with whatever disruptions I have to face.

Tomorrow we celebrate the feast of St. Ignatius. His Suscipe reflects the mindset that ought to be our aspiration.

Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty,
my memory, my understanding,
and my entire will,
All I have and call my own.

You have given all to me.
To you, Lord, I return it.

Everything is yours; do with it what you will.
Give me only your love and your grace,
that is enough for me.


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