Know Yourself

I was reading last night one of the short stories in a collection of several stories by Stefan Zwerg (one of the books Dave brought on vacation). The story is titled The Burning Secret.

The first character introduced in the story is a young Austrian baron. He is described this way:

He was popular and welcome in all circles, and was well known for his dislike of being alone. He has not taste for his own company and avoided such an encounter as much as possible, for the last thing he wanted was to make close acquaintance with himself.

I was struck by the description because I know many people who fit that description. People who always want/need to be with others so they are not alone – who avoid being alone at all costs. People who, when they are alone, always have on the TV or the internet or some other distraction to keep them from the silence of being alone, from being only with themselves.

Yet making close acquaintance with ourselves is necessary if we are to make close acquaintance with God. I am convinced we cannot know God without knowing ourselves.