Lambs among Wolves

Jesus told his disciples that he was sending them out as lambs among wolves. Since we are commissioned as were the disciples to go forth and preach the Gospel, it might be worth reflecting on what it means to be sent out as lambs to wolves.

As lambs. I read a reflection recently that raised the question of what lambs were used for during biblical times. The minister observed that some were used for food; some would be raised to provide milk; some of the flock’s wool would be made into warm clothing; some lambs would be bred to increase the herd; and some would serve as a reminder of the Passover. In addition, sheepskin would also be used to prevent and heal open ulcers.

That is actually quite helpful. If we are sent as lambs, we want to use our lives to feed the hungry, provide drink for the thirsty, clothe the naked, bring healing to the sick, bring others to Jesus. flock, recall your mighty deeds of deliverance, bring healing to the sick.

As wolves. Here we might ask what are the wolves we face as we go forth to preach the Gospel? My friend and colleague Fr. Dan Griffith offered some thoughts on this in a recent sermon. It is easy to name some of the wolves. Cynicism. Relativism. Materialism. But if you spend some time reflecting, I’m guessing you will come up with some other, perhaps ones that are particularly dangerous wolves for you.

We are all sent like lambs among wolves. It is good to be prepared.


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