The final panel of the monument that stands at what was the roll-call square at Dachau reads “Never Again.”

How many times have we said “never again”?

How many more times will we say it again before we mean it?

One of the reconstructed barracks

The gate leading to the crematorium

The old crematorium (When the old crematorium got too small to handle the volume, “Barrack X” was constructed, with another crematorium and a gas chamber, although it is not clear the gas chamber was used. Near the end, the crematoriums were used night and day.)

One of the monuments behind the crematorium, where ashes were buried. “Do Not Forget.”


8 thoughts on “Dachau

  1. Since the Israelis have been oppressing the Palestinian people for years and waging wars on Lebanon and trying to get the USA to continue to get involved in wars against Syria and Iran–does that mean the Israelis have “forgotten”?

    The Nazis, who were a cult if not an occultic movement, did not have the Jews as their lone enemy–the gypsies and Slavs were also on the hit list and yet for more than a half century the Jews want to focus attention on themselves as victims-never as oppressors.

  2. The thrust of my post is not affected by the fact that many of the upwards of 40,000 who lost their lives at Dachau were not Jewish, Robert. And nothing in my post was intended to justify or legitimate Israeli acts of oppression.

  3. I still remember seeing the ovens in 1973 when I visited Dachau. What also struck me was how close Dachau is to Munich. I bicycled there in about an hour. The bike ride back was a time for some pretty serious reflection.

  4. I had the same reaction, John. Very close to the town of Dachau, and little over a half hour by public transportation.

    • The issue is not so much what you have said or not said, it is what the Israelis have done in the name of “never again” to other people.

      Of course there is another issue: why have Catholics and the Vatican continue to kiss the boots of the Jews and the Zionists instead of calling them out in public?

  5. Aside or above our somewhat heated exchanges – applying what could be the “next step” how many of us have received hate filled emails re: the Muslim faith? Is there a merciful response?
    Speaking personally – my comments remind me always “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks ” do I continue to speak punishment and retribution with one side of my mouth and with the other offer praise to the God of mercy, compassion and forgiveness.

    • The Internet is filled with hate for Moslems and Islam-their is a industry of mostly evangelical Protestants who do nothing but attack Islam and Islamic culture. Of course, the Jews and Zionists and Israelis get a free ride. I was not suggesting retribution-I was suggesting courage to advocate justice and refute evil.

      Let me speak not only as a Catholic but an American: Israel almost caused a nuclear war in 1967 with its cowardly and still somewhat mysterious attack on the USS Liberty; the Sixth Fleet upon finally receiving the distress call from the Liberty thought the attack was by Egyptian forces who were then close allies of the Soviet Union. Jets were launched carrying nuclear weapons to incinerate Cairo-fortunately they were recalled, or you and I might not be having this heated exchange.

      One last comment:

  6. I had a very emotional visit to Dachau in 1999; I will never forget what I experienced. When I went to Ground Zero in NYC about 3 months after 9/11, I felt the same oppression – a place of death that weighed upon my spirit.

    Thank you for sharing this, we must never forget, yet we do, don’t we?

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