In Every Breath

I’m enjoying a few days in New York, where I came to attend the opening of my cousin Joe’s sculpture show. It is always good to be with family and friends and it is always a special pleasure to be at Joe’s openings.

For a Saturday morning reflection, I thought I’d share a poem by Rumi that a friend sent me yesterday in response to an exchange we had about our shared lack of patience in certain situations.

Rumi writes:

in every breath
if you’re the center
of your own desires
you’ll lose the grace
of your beloved

but if in every breath
you blow away
your self claim
the ecstasy of love
will soon arrive

in every breath
if you’re the center
of your own thoughts
the sadness of autumn
will fall on you

but if in every breath
you strip naked
just like a winter
the joy of spring
will grow from within

all your impatience
comes from the push
for gain of patience
let go of the effort
and peace will arrive

all your unfulfilled desires
are from your greed
for gain of fulfillments
let go of them all
and they will be sent as gifts

fall in love with
the agony of love
not the ecstasy
then the beloved
will fall in love with you.

Wishing everyone a blessed weekend.