Jesus and the Son of the Widow from Nain

In today’s Gospel from St. Luke, Jesus and his disciples see a man who had died being carried out from the gate of the town of Nain. “He was his mother’s only son, and she was a widow.” Feeling compassion for the widow, Jesus raises the man from the dead.

In his homily last night, Fr. Dale asked, why this widow? It is true that the loss of her son was the loss of everything for her. Widows lived on the margins of society and the death of her only son would leave her without any means of protecting and taking care of herself. But, as Fr. Dale observed, there were (and are) other widows, with suffering as great as this woman’s.

The passage gives us no explanation. No explanation, just witness. Witness to the truth of resurrection.

As Fr. Dale observed, we live in the truth that, although we cannot escape our own funeral procession, resurrection happens. Whenever there is suffering and death, even excruciating suffering and death, new life follows. Where there was death, there was life. That is the truth in which we live.

Fr. Dale reminded us that Resurrection is meant to be reflected in our lives. It is to be practiced, not preached. We are a Resurrection people and we must live lives of Resurrection.


One thought on “Jesus and the Son of the Widow from Nain

  1. Susan, you write, “We must live lives of Resurrection.” What does that look like?

    Father Dale suggested that each time we fail (he cited addiction and anxiety but I presume by extension he meant any failure), we have the opportunity to demonstrate–and experience– the miracle that is resurrection.

    So, is a life of resurrection a life of hope? And not just hope in life after death, but hope in the smaller, everyday things as well. Hope in success after failure; joy after sadness; faith after doubt.

    And hopeful actions, not just words–to try again, joyfully, a million times a day, after each failure, disappointment, or embarrassment. With the right mix of self-deprecating humor, faith, and hard work such a life is possible.

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