Being Willing to Suffer the Loss

I read a reflection the other day by Mother Elviar Petrozzi, foundress of Communita Cenacolo, on our need to develop the capacity to suffer. She writes

We have a saying that’s applicable to the moments of suffering and provocation. It consistes of four main words: “Be silent! Swallow, suffer, and then smile. When someone is corrected and justifies himself, the other young men tell him, “You missed the boat!” They’re talking about the boat of maturity, of self-control, of the capacity to be silent and not answer back, and to suffer with dignity and in silence.

She goes on to give examples of situations we all face: bosses at work who will not admit they are wrong, husbands or wives who do not want to be at fault, children arguing back. In all such situations: someone will have to ‘lose’ so that peace can reign.”

It is very challenging be silent…swallow… suffer…and smile in such situations. It is so easy for us to want to be right. To want to defend ourselves. To want to win.

But sometimes the better course is to be willing to “lose” for the sake of peace.

Are you willing to suffer the loss? Perhaps the better question is: What do you need from God to be able to do so?