Your Three Most Important Accomplishments of the Past Year

I came across a website recently that I had never seen before. Although I haven’t yet had time to do enough exploration of it to know whether it is a site I recommend, what popped out to me on the home page was the suggestion to reflect on one’s three most important accomplishments of the past year. The post went on to comment that the vast majority of people have trouble identifying what they consider to be three important accomplishments.

I think there is great value in that suggestion. Spending time identifying what your three most important accomplishments of the past year requires not only identifying soem accomplishments, but reflecting on what is it about them that makes you consider them as the most important things you’ve done, which in turn requires thinking about what you mean by “important.”

I think this is an exercise that offers a slightly different way into discerning going forward how to use our time.

Note that the question is not what “great” things did you do (by whatever impossibly high definition of “great” you have), but looking back on what you did do, what do you think are the most important. Another useful reminder is that this is not about a measurement of self–worth, but is simply a way of reflecting on what we value and how we think we might move forward.

I plan to see where that line of reflection leads me. You might do the same. If you do, you might consider sharing the fruits of your reflection with a friend or your spiritual director.


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