Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. As an American, I join with my country in remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. I am grateful for the sacrifice they made protecting their country.

As a Christian, however, I remember and pray for all those who died while serving in the military, whatever their nationality.

And all those who have died in armed conflicts throughout the world.

And all of those whose lives have been deeply affected by war – whether named wars, military operations, or any of the other names we give to fighting.

And I pray that we will find a way to address our differences that don’t require sending young men and women off to kill and maim each other.

Memorial Day is one holiday I’d prefer we had no need to celebrate.


One thought on “Memorial Day

  1. For 23 years I have gone to several Memorial Day Ceremonies since my brother died tragically (not in a war) and my father died, of a broken heart two short years later (not from war but he did serve in the navy). What spoke to me more this year than previous is two things: how people have miss the reverence of remembering those that have died (no matter how they died) and that “freedom is not free”. We are so carefree that day/long weekend to open our cabins, splurge at the big sales and laze the day away, that we have forgotten why we are free to do those things in the first place. Thank you for honoring this national holiday which so many people (agreed perhaps not intentionally or fully aware of the meaning and measure of this holiday) have forgotten about…or as you so succinctly put it “prefer we had no need to celebrate it”. But I also want to add that your freedom to blog today and hopefully everyday, is because of the lives that were “martyred” (if i could use a saintly Catholic term) for our country, a country they believed in. And with so many liberties diluted and taken for granted today, could we do the same for them or Him today? That is why this day should be celebrated, not just for the losses but so that we can live to remember, and then remember why we live.

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