On Whose Behalf Are You Here?

I suspect I’ll be spending several days this week processing the various workshops, talks, meditations and other rituals that were part of the Spiritual Directors International annual conference on the theme of Cultivating Compassion.

When we gathered yesterday morning, the person leading the opening asked us to consider a simple question: On whose behalf are you here this morning?

The question struck me powerfully. As I reflected on the answer, it came to me that this was a good question to ask ourselves every day. Indeed, perhaps several times a day:

As I start my day it is worth taking a few moments to ask myself: on whose behalf do I get up this morning? As I undertake each new task of the day, to ask myself: on whose behalf do I do this?

I believe my life belongs to God, which means that I want everything I do to be in furtherance of God’s plan of salvation, in furtherance of my particular calling to co-labor in the illumination of God’s kingdom. But, the reality is that we get distracted from time to time and we don’t always live up to our calling.

To put to myself the question asked this morning seems to me an aid in keeping myself on task, so to speak. Keeping myself focused on my part in building kingdom.

You may find the question useful as well. On whose behalf are you here this morning?