Five Years!

Creo en Dios! is five years old today. It is hard to believe I’ve been posting every day for the last five years! That is a lot of blogging.

Not every post I’ve written has been a “home run” (however one wants to define that). But what I have learned is that you never know when something you write will be exactly what someone else needs to hear. It is impossible to predict which posts those will be. There have been posts I’ve agonized over getting “just right,” some of which have been noticed by others and others of which have not. And some posts I’ve dashed off quickly at 5:00 a.m. that result in grateful e-mails from readers.

Speaking of gratitude, I am enormously thankful for this forum for sharing my reflections and the podcasts from my talks. And, of course, deeply grateful to those of you who read the blog, whether you get it sent to you daily by e-mail or just happen to stumble on it now and then.

My practice of writing at least one blog post a day will be broken this coming fall when I walk the Camino de Santiago. Although I plan to blog as I can, I don’t plan to make it part of my Camino to blog each day.

But, September is many months away and, for now, I’ll be here each day, as I have been each day for the last five years.