Birth Narratives

Last night was the final session of the three-session Advent program Bill Nolan and I offered at St. Thomas Apostle for parishioners of STA and Christ the King. At the first session, we focused on the Annunication narratives in Matthew’s and Luke’s Gospel. Last week, the focus was on the genealogies in those two Gospels.

This week, our focus was on the birth narratives as recorded by Matthew and Luke. Our own vision of the birth of Christ tends to be a blend of the two, so it was good to spend some time considering the differences between the two Gospels, differences that reflect the different aims and audiences of the two evangelists.

Bill began by talking about Matthew’s account, after which I focused on Luke. For both writers, the stories are about more than the actual birth of a baby, and both use mythological ideas to convey some basic truths of our faith.

You can access a recording of the talk Bill and I gave last evening here or stream it from the icon below. The podcast runs for 1:05:21.


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