I Take Stock of How Much I’ve Been Given

Today the United States celebrates Thanksgiving Day.

In his pastor’s message in the Christ the King bulletin this past week Fr. Dale Korogi spoke of the fact that we are entering a time of year when things are even busier than usual for us, we we approach Christmas and the end of the year. With all that is happening, things can sometimes feel “a tad overwhelming.” His way of dealing with that feeling is a good one.

When I’m feeling stretched, I have only to take a deep breath and remember to be grateful. When a lot is asked of me, I take stock of how much more I’ve been given.

Useful advice for all of us. As i read Fr. Dale’s words, what came to mind was a video made by Br. David Steindl-Rast a few years ago about counting our blessings, titled A Good Day. It is a good one to watch on Thanksgiving morning. Here it is:

A blessed and happy Thanksgiving to everyone!