Thanks to the efforts of one of our first year law students, we now have Taize prayer twice a month during our common worship period (noon to 12:30 every day). This past week was one of those gatherings.

I love Taize. I used to occasionaly attend Taize worship services in New York and the parish I used to attend here in the Twin Cities offers Taize a number of times during the year.

Before this experience at the law school, the Taize services I have attended have always been in the evening, a time when you expect things to slow down, as the daylight fades into night.

It is a very different experience to walk into a darkened classroom in the middle of the day – only a soft small light making visable the icons on the prayer table in front of the room – and experience this deeply contemplative prayer. I sit and sink into the chants, even as I know that things are bustling all around us.

It is a reminder that even in the frantic activity of our daily lives, we can find time to stop. Time to simply sit. Time to absorb God’s peace.