Being a Place Where God Happens

Yesterday I offered a Mid-Day Reflection at the Law School titled Being A Place Where God Happens. I borrowed the title from Rowan Williams, who talks about our need to “become a place where God happens.”

I began the session by reading to the participants the context in which Williams uses the phrase and then talked about what that might mean for us. Williams suggests that our goal is not getting people signed up or getting them on or side. Instead, he writes

It is opening doors for them to healing and to wholeness. Insofar as you open such doors for another, you gain God, in the sense that you become a place where God happens for somebody else. You become a place where God happens. God comes to life for somebody else in a life-giving way, not because you are good or wonderful, but because that is what God has done. So, if we can shift our preoccupations, anxiety, and selfishness out of the way to put someone in touch with the possibility of God’s healing, to that extent we are ourselves in touch with God’s healing. So, if you gain your brother or sister, you gain God.

During my talk, I suggested several different things – some of which go to each of us as individuals and some of which go to the communities of which we are a part (and some of which go to both). The ideas included: thinking about how we can expand the way we gather as a community, developing an appreciation of diversity and difference within our communities, engaging with others outside of our own community. I also shared some thoughts about how we encounter those who are different from us.

Although I didn’t record yesterday’s talk, I previously spoke on the same subject, as part of a day-long retreat I gave for the Ignatian Associates a couple of years ago. You can access a recording of that talk here or stream it from the icon below.