Hope in the Lamb

Today is Election Day in the United States. Today we elect a new President of the United States, along with other public servants who will serve us in the years ahead. And in many states, such as Minnesota (where I will be voting today), there are important measures on the ballot.

There is no question this is an important election. That is particularly true with respect to our vote for President, which presents us with two candidates with very different visions. It is an important election and each of us has the privilege and the responsibility to participate in the process of selecting which of those visions will animate our government.

BUT we also shouldn’t lose sight of the message I saw posted on Facebook the other day, taken from a Presbyterian Church, the important reminder that our hope is “not in the Donkey nor the Elephant but in the Lamb.”

So vote. Please vote. But dont’ lose sight of the fact that the winner of this election will not change the reality that our ultimate salvation is in Jesus.