More on Faithful Citizenship

This week was the third session of a six week unit in the Adult Faith Formation program at St. Thomas Apostle for parishioners at STA and Christ the King parishes.

Last week, Bill and I had the overly ambitions plan of tackling the for issues taken up in Part II of Faithful Citizenship: Human Life, Family Life, Social Justice and Global Justice. But, as you know if you were there or if you listened to last week’s podcast, we only got through the first two of those – Human Life (which I spoke about) and Family Life (which Bill spoke about). (You can listen to that podcast here.)

This week, we took up the final two issues in Part II of Faithful Citizenship, with me speaking about Social Justice and Bill speaking about Global Solidarity. On the Social Justice side, I focused the bulk of my remarks on two issues: health care and faith-based groups, using them as a vehicle for identifying how we, as Catholics ought to to evaluate public policy positions. After that, we gave the participants time to share in small groups at their tables before Bill made some remarks about Global Solidarity.

You can access a recording of Bill and my remarks here or stream it from the icon below. (The podcast runs for 44:59.) We ended the session with some time for (a brief) large group discussion.