Faithful Citizenship

This week was the second session of a six week unit in the Adult Faith Formation program at St. Thomas Apostle for parishioners at STA and Christ the King parishes.

Last week, after talking a little bit about the Year of Faith and some major themes of Vatican II, we took up the subject of Faithful Citizenship, first showing a brief film about the USCCB’s document of that title, and then speaking about the first part of that document. (You can listen to a podcast of last week’s talk here.

During this week’s session, we talked about two of the issues taken up in Part II of Faithful Citizenship: Human Life (which I spoke about) and Family Life (which Bill spoke about). Before we did, we addressed some questions that came up as a result of last week’s session and Bill suggested a few questions participants keep in mind as they think about the issues raised by Faithful Citizenship, including the extent to which the principles are grounded in scripture and tradition and how the principals impact Catholics’ voting and political activity.

You can access a recording of Bill and my remarks here or stream it from the icon below. (The podcast runs for 47:00. There is a break in the recording at the point at which we gave participants time to engage in small group discusions.) We ended the session with a full group discussion that focused on family life issues.