Fall Reflection Series – Week 3: Christian Teaching on Forgiveness

Today was the third session of our Fall Reflection Series on forgiveness at UST School of Law. We had a good turnout again this week, despite a number of competing events during the lunch hour.

As we always do, We began the session by giving participants time to share in small groups some of their experience from their prayer over the last week with the material I distributed last week.

Following the sharing and some time to address questions and answers, Fr. Dan Griffith offered the reflection for this week. His talk addressed Christian teaching on forgiveness and he drew on scripture as well as tradition in talking about the centrality of the command the we forgive in the same manner that God forgives us. As he discussed during his talk that means forgiving with the same depth and breadth with which God does and forgiving with sincerity. In the course of his talk, he shared some of his own experiences of forgiveness.

You can access a recording of Fr. Dan’s reflection here or stream it from the icon below. (The podcast runs for 26:56.) You can find a copy of this week’s prayer material here.


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