Lessons from Our Jewish Brothers and Sisters: Atonement

I offered the reflection yesterday at our Weekly Manna gathering at the law school. Because we are in the period that, for our Jewish brothers and sisters, is known as the Days of Awe or the Days of Repentance, my theme was atonement.

Specifically, I talked about the necessity of apologizing and asking for the pardon of those we have wronged. That included remarks about how we apologize and the process of reflection that helps us to recognize when we need to ask the pardon of another. With respect to the former, I am indebted to my friend Rabbi Norman Cohen, whose thoughts I shared with those who were present.

As Christians, we don’t have a particular time of year that we focus on our need to seek forgiveness from others (and from God), although some of us go through a similar process in preparation for receipt of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. But all of us, whether incident to a time of year like our Jewish brothers and sisters, incident to a sacrament or otherwise, need to engage in this kind of reflection.

You can access a recording of my reflection here or stream it from the icon below. It includes a guided meditation on a shortened version of an examen. (The podcast runs for 16:49.) You can find a copy of the handout I distributed and discussed about at the end of my talk here.