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One of the things I subscribe to is receipt of daily meditations by the Center for Action and Contemplation. The daily reflections are taken or adapted from the writings of Richard Rohr.

One I read recently addresses the central question of what what is the “true and full Gospel.” Rohr writes that we “keep worshiping Jesus and arguing over the exact right way to do it. The amazing thing is that Jesus never once says,’worship me!’, but he often says, ‘follow me.'” He continues:

Christianity is a lifestyle—a way of being in the world that is simple, non-violent, shared, inclusive, and loving. We made it, however, into a formal established religion, in order to avoid the demanding lifestyle itself. One could then be warlike, greedy, racist, selfish, and vain at the highest levels of the church, and still easily believe that Jesus is “my personal Lord and Savior.” The world has no time for such silliness anymore. The suffering on Earth is too great.

There is nothing wrong with worshipping God. But unless our worship is part and parcel of following Jesus, that is, actually living a Christian life, it means nothing. Jesus was very clear in his teachings that it is not enough to say “Lord, Lord…” Rather he demands a fundamental reorientation of our lives.