A New School Year and a Parting

Dave and Elena just drove away to take Elena back to Lawrence University for her second year at the Conservatory and College there. It is with mixed feelings that I watch my child go off.

Having her home for the summer was a delight and a joy. Long walks. Bicycle rides. Cooking meals together. Good conversations. Listening to her sing at Mass. Hosting her friends for long D&D games. I treasure the moments and know I will miss much while she is at school. I also know that, as confident as I am in her maturity, good sense and ability to take care of herself, there will be times I worry about how she is doing.

At the same time, I watch her go off with a sense of excitement at all the new year will bring for her. Spending time with new friends and old. Negotiating relationships in a house of 23 people. Taking fascinating courses. Continuing to grow musically. She has so much in store for her that I can’t help but be thrilled for her.

As she leaves, I pray for my daughter (and all those inching toward adulthood) that she may continue to grow in love in compassion, retain always her joy – in her music…her relationships…life, never cease to learn from her experiences, and always know that she is loved by her father and me, and by her God.