Finding God in All Things

We know that God is always in conscious relationship with us, constantly communicating with us through the daily experiences of our lives. Yet, although we encounter God in every moment of our existence, we are not always aware of that encounter.

Today I offered a mini-retreat for our incoming law students, as part of our Orientation Week. The topic was Finding God in All Things. I talked about ways of becoming more aware of the presence of God in our lives and developing our conscious relationship with this self-communicating God. I shared two prayer forms with them (although the second only briefly) and led them in a guided meditation – a form of the Examen.

Our goal is to become “contemplatives in action,” people who are alert to God’s presence in all of our daily activities – even in the midst of a hectic law school schedule. My hope is that by incorporating a daily examen into their prayers, my students will be able to do exactly that.

You can access a recording of my reflection here or stream it from the icon below. It includes a guided meditation on a shortened version of an examen. (The podcast runs for 29:43.)