Let There Be Light

I love the light. I don’t just mean the feel of sunlight on my face, which is wonderful. Or even the brightness of a beautiful sunny day. Or the ability to find my way.

One of the things I love about hiking in the woods is the interplay of light and shade resulting from the way the light comes through the trees or peaks around large rocks. Multiple streams of light in my path. A shady area broken by a sun-lit flower shining brilliantly as though a stage light were pointed at it. Fluttering movements of shade and light as leaves dance the breeze. Absolutely beautiful. A delight to behold.

I commented to my husband as we were walking through all of this yesterday that I realized this is a significant part of why I like Caravaggio and Vermeer so much. Each of them imitates nature to use light – and the contrast of light and shadow – in their painting in such a powerful way.

God said, “Let there be Light” and all of this came into being. The sunlight on my face. Our ability to see. And the beautiful interplay of light and shadow that is such a delight to behold. It is a beautiful world!


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