Preaching the Good News

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been using the letter to the Romans for my morning prayer. This morning’s passage contained the line, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach good news!”

The context of Paul’s statement is that others can not believe in Jesus unless they hear the good news, meaning it is incumbent on all of us who have heard the good news to tell others about it.

The commentary to the passage in Romans and Galatians: A Devotional Commentary, edited by Leo Zanchettin, reminds us that our calling to preach the good news need not be viewed as a difficult task.

For some, that call might entail large, public proclamations. But for most of us, it lies in simple sharing among friends. We don’t have to convince, harangue, or scare people into believing the gospel. We have only to believe the message ourselves and tell it as we have experienced it. It needs no embellishment or exaggeration. Sometimes it doesn’t even need any words, only the witness of our changed lives.

Surely we are all capable of preaching the good news in some way.