The Only Gospel Someone May Hear

Yesterday was the feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist, one of my heroes and someone about whom I’ve written on several occasions.

The visiting priest at our Mass at Church of Christ the King was a missionary in Papua New Guinea, so most of his homily was directed to giving us a sense of life where he works. He did however begin his homily with some brief remarks on the readings and the day.

After suggesting that we are all called to do exactly what John the Baptist did, that is, herald the presence of Jesus in our midst, he observed, “your witness may be the only Gospel someone hears.”

That is a good line to remember. I think it is easy to think that what we do can’t matter a whole lot. That I am one person…how much good can I do…how many people will be affected by what I do, etc. Such thoughts can be discouraging.

It is good to remember that what I say, what I do, who I am, “may be the only Gospel someone hears.” It is an encouraging message.