Romans 8

Based on our discussion during our morning meeting yesterdy, my director suggested that I spend some time during the day praying with the final part of Chapter 8 of Romans. When he suggested it, he said “verses 31-39…or you could start with verse 26.”

When I first got back to my room after my meeting with him, I opened the Bible. I quickly read the familiar passage beginning with verse 31 (“If God is for us, who can be against us.”) I then looked back at verse 26 and thought to myself, “yeah I see why he said I could start there.” I then looked a few verses back and had the same reaction. I finally decided to pray with the entirety of Chapter 8, dividing it into three prayer segments. (Given that, I thought it was perfect that the reading for last night’s Compline was from the early part of Romans 8.)

It is a powerful chapter of scripture. I’m not going to say anything about the content of my prayer with these verses yesterday. I’m only going to suggest this: if you are having any trust issues with God (which probably is a good number of you), this is good material to pray with. Any uncertainties about who you are to and with God, this is good material to pray with.

It is way too much for a single session of prayer. So for what it is worth, what I did yesterday was pray with verses 1-17 in one session, 18-27 in a second, and then 28-39.