“If God Really Is…”

Reading through some comments on a blog post the other day, I came across one that described an exercise someone did in connection with her adult entrance into the Catholic Church. It seemed to me a good exercise for all of us to thinking about what our faith means to us, and it also seemed a perfect follow-up to the feast of Corpus Christi we celebrated yesterday.

The exercise involves a simple question with a blank in it and a number of words that fill in that blank.

The question is: “If God really is _______________ what should I do?”

The words with which to fill in the blank are as follows:

Jesus Christ
In the Eucharist
Right in front of you
The author of the Ten Commandments, written with the finger of God
My best friend
My Father

It would be worth spending some time thinking about how you answer the question in its various forms.

I leave this morning for the Jesuit Retreat House in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for my annual 8-day silent retreat. I would be especially grateful for your prayers during my retreat time. (I will try to write posts daily…or almost daily…to share some retreat reflections.)